The Internet is revolutionizing the art world.  In the not too distant past, if you were interested in browsing a few hundred paintings to find a new focal piece for your living room, you would’ve had to spend a considerable amount of time going from one gallery to the next.  Now, in just several minutes, you can browse and purchase hundreds, even thousands, of original artworks right from your home.  But before you click n the “add to cart” button, there are five things you should know that will greatly improve your online art buying experience.


1. Know the Gallery – The most important aspect of buying art online is knowing who you are buying from.  There are thousands of virtual galleries, and you want to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable one.  If you can’t find a phone number on the gallery’s website, or it takes them more than a day or two to get back to a phone or email message, move on.



Find out where they are located, how long they’ve been in business, if the artwork is curated, how they price their art, and of course, what their return policy is.  Make sure that if you decide you don’t love your artwork when it arrives, you have the ability to return it for a full refund, and without being charged high shipping or restocking fees.




Most artwork on the Internet is from emerging artists whose legacy is yet to be defined.  As such, you will want help determining if their work is worth your time and money.  Find an online gallery with a re

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